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Next Generation Portals: The 2.0 End User Experience

Date : Jan 21, 2007
Start Time : 4 p.m. Eastern
Length : 00:30:00

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See the new and upcoming trends that are changing the user's experience ? in a good way.

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Stephen Abram ?VP Innovation. Chief Strategist. , SirsiDynix. The SirsiDynix Institute.

Stephen Abram, a leading international librarian and lighthouse thinker in the North American library community, leverages his extensive experience in library technology and trend forecasting, new product conceptualization, and market development to ensure that SirsiDynix products and services continue to be the most innovative in the library market and meet the needs of library directors, library staff members, and library users. Abram works on strategic projects in all areas to advance our vision. Abram has more than 25 years in libraries as a practicing librarian and in the information industry. His most recent role was as vice president of corporate development for Micromedia ProQuest. Abram's other roles include publisher for Thomson Carswell and director of Information Resources for the Hay Group. He is a frequent keynote speaker on issues that affect libraries, their communities, and librarians. In addition, Abram was named by Library Journal in 2002 as one of the key people who are influencing the future of libraries and librarianship.