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Mashups : A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Date : Mar 06, 2007
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 01:00:00

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What's a mashup and why would I want one? Whether you're a reference librarian, library trainer, a library webmaster or teacher-librarian knowing about this new breed of web application is important. A "mashup" mixes content from independent sources to create something new. Many mashups are simple to create and require little technical know-how, allowing library staff and library users of all sorts to wave a magic wand and create something new. Jump on board and take a tour of interesting mashups, including some library examples, and explore the opportunities for libraries to remix library and other data sources to create new and innovative services. Take away tools that you can learn about and build mashups, for users or yourself, and recommended sites to learn more. Jump start your thinking on the new Web 2.0 ecosystem that relies on symbiotic relationships and communities rather than "monolithic systems" or the "kindness of strangers".

Darlene Fichter ?Head of the Indigenous Studies Portal and Coordinator of Data Library Services, University of Saskatchewan Library

Darlene Fichter is the Head of the Indigenous Studies Portal and Coordinator of Data Library Services at the University of Saskatchewan Library. Darlene is particularly interested in the area of human computer interaction and designing positive user experiences. She has been a consultant and project manager for several web site, portal, digital library and intranet projects. Darlene is also columnist for Online magazine and a frequent conference speaker about new and emerging information technologies. Her web site and blog are at: