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Library Conflict Management for Consenting Adults Turning Enemies into Allies

Date : Jul 26, 2006
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 01:00:00

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Conflict issues among staff and library users eat up time and budget, besides hurting staff morale and the effectiveness of the library in its larger community or institution. However, many library managers and personnel are conflict-avoidant for good reason. You don't want to play library therapist, mom or cop. You don't want to fall into a bottomless pit of "She said, he said, they said," because you know you will never know the whole truth behind the conflagration. And, you suspect that at least some of the participants are vying for attention, rather than trying to resolve some problem. Fortunately, there are some simple, tested methods for managing library conflicts (both internal and external), which can reduce the time needed to keep people and projects moving forward, even as you take complaints seriously. Take advantage of this SirsiDynix Institute and take-away some of these important tools in resolving conflict at your library.
  • What three questions can resolve most conflicts quickly and effectively?
  • What four words can you use to keep people thinking productively?
  • What can reduce chronic unhealthy conflicts among staff?
  • If chronic conflict is the symptom, what is the disease?

Pat Wagner ?President, Pattern Research

President of Pattern Research (, Pat Wagner is a nationally known library trainer and consultant who specializes in personnel, management, leadership and marketing issues.