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Emotional Customer Service: Turning Customers into Friends - who'll return again and again

Date : Jan 13, 2006
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 00:59:30

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Your customers only care what you know when they know that you care. That is, relationships between customers and library staff and management can be harmed or improved by customers' perceptions of their library experiences. Your interactions with customers can make them feel they are "interruptions" to your work, or cause them to feel like they are your main reason for coming to work

The SirsiDynix Emotional Customer Service Webcast focuses on the how to's and the substantial benefits of building warm relationships with your patrons by encouraging staff interactions that bring about positive emotions. Participants will learn and begin to master how to:

  • Elicit feelings of appreciation and welcomed with specific words and phrases
  • Practice the 7 tips you'll hear to remembering a name the first time you meet
  • Recognize how generational differences alter customer expectations and needs
  • Spot system breakdowns to create solutions, instead of tolerating or complaining
  • Use low and no-cost customer service improvements
  • Learn the benefits of relationship building with patrons and community members
  • Create an fun atmosphere for everyone while still completing work tasks

Andrew Sanderbeck ?President & Founder, PeopleConnect Institute

Andrew Sanderbeck CPC, is the Founder of Andrew Sanderbeck, Inc., a Florida based company that brings creative and heart centered solutions to the management and team needs of library professionals worldwide.

Andrew is an accomplished trainer and facilitator and has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Continental Airlines and Teletech, Inc. as a trainer in Sales and Customer Service before turning his focus to libraries in 1999.

Andrew Chair's The Small and Rural Libraries Interest Group of the Florida Library Association and publishes Library-Connect, a free e-newsletter read by library professionals in all 50 States and 9 Countries.