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Keeping eResources in line with ERM: What Was, What Is, and What's to Come

Date : Dec 07, 2005
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 00:56:37

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In the 1990's a new breed of library resource appeared on the scene ? the electronic resource. First an impressive novelty, it quickly grew to form unwieldy collections. With management becoming an increasing problem, some libraries tried managing the new resources with their own brand of system. In 2002 the Digital Library Federation launched its Electronic Resources Management Initiative (ERMI) to encourage their rapid but orderly development of these systems by libraries and vendors. The resulting "DLF ERMI Report" released in 2004 has now been used by many library systems and serials vendors to create useful management systems. This presentation will briefly outline the scope of the e-Resource management challenge, highlight functions and features of pioneer systems, survey the current ERM marketplace, and outline emerging issues and likely developments.

Tim Jewell ?Coordinator of the Digital Library Federations Electronic Resources Management Initiative, University of Washington

Tim Jewell is coordinator of the Digital Library Federation's Electronic Resources Management Initiative, which is currently entering a second phase that will focus on license expression and usage data issues. He is Head of Collection Management Services at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he has worked since 1983. Active in such regional consortia as the Greater Western Library Alliance and the Orbis Cascade Alliance, he also served as Visiting Program Officer for Electronic Resources with the Association of Research Libraries from 1996-1998.