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So, You Want to be a Consultant?

Date : Oct 26, 2005
Start Time : 12 p.m. Eastern
Length : 00:55:11

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Have you found yourself attracted to the notion of freedom and flexibility associated with working as a freelancer or consultant? Are you considering a phased-in retirement or a natural next step upon being downsized? Are you keen to experience the satisfaction of bringing hard earned experience to bear on multiple clients' projects? And ... are you wondering whether you have the stomach for not knowing where your next cheque is coming from?

In consulting practice since 1992, Ulla has experience in just about every type of assignment imaginable. Her presentation offers answers to many questions posed by those contemplating the possibility of setting up shop as independents: She comments on the general trends making consulting an option to consider; describes some personality traits, work habits, and life circumstances that will be supportive of working as a consultant; and points to some personal characteristics that could prove a challenge. Finally, she addresses the practicalities of getting started and some realities to be prepared for in terms of acquiring and working with clients. For those interested in knowing more about "what it's really like", the presentation will be a concise introduction and pointer to further deliberations.

Managers who hire and direct the work of consultants may find the presentation useful in that it indirectly sheds light on "what it's like for them working for me".

Ulla de Stricker ?Consultant, de Stricker Associates

Ulla de Stricker, in consulting practice since 1992, helps clients deal with the full gamut of knowledge management challenges, bringing to bear decades of experience. Since the late 1970s, Ulla de Stricker held information industry positions with responsibility in the areas of strategy, design, and market client relations. She managed the Canadian operations for DIALOG in the 1980s and built the electronic publishing venture for a Canadian unit of Thomson in the early 1990s. She is well known for her bold vision of the future of the library profession and is a popular speaker at information conferences internationally.