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Using Your Library's Electronic Resources to Market Library Programs, Materials, and Services

Date : Aug 10, 2005
Start Time : 12 p.m. Eastern
Length : 00:55:08

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Whether your library is engaged in a fundraising effort, or wishes to develop outreach to new and underrepresented constituencies. Effective use of technology can "jumpstart" your efforts. During this presentation we will discuss:
  • The importance of effective training that will support both staff and library customers.
  • How to use directed searching to help the end-user of your of your electronic resources find, and compile bibliographic information more efficiently.
  • Best market research tools to determine what content users will want to see on their site to meet their expectations.
  • How to create a sensible procurement process that will support your libraries mission.
  • Efficient methods to obtain feedback from library customers.
  • Ways to provide the users with "self-customizable" portals.

Eric Graham ?Senior Library Consultant, Dynix

Throughout his 15 year career in libraries, Eric's focus has been on helping libraries make the most of new and emerging technology. He has held such diverse job titles as; library systems operator, technical coordinator, technology librarian, systems librarian, and assistant director. His experience includes working in academic libraries, library consortia, and in public libraries.

On the "public stage", Eric has given presentations on technology topics at numerous library events and conferences. He is also the author of articles and white papers on a variety of technology topics.

His most recent positions as a library professional were as Technology Librarian at the Greater Manchester Integrated Library Cooperative System (GMILCS), and Assistant director, for technology services at Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC).