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How to use an Organizational Information Audit to Determine What Services Users Really Need and Want

Date : Feb 23, 2005
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 00:57:16

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Designing information services with demonstrable value for an organization?in other words, services that actually fit users' work and deliverables?requires that we gain an understanding of the day-to-day behaviors that are encouraged (or tolerated) when it comes to information management and knowledge sharing: While most knowledge workers say they support good information management, they often cope creatively when resources and processes aren't optimal.

We need to know, for example, what actually takes place at the desktop?who does what with information and what happens to it? Can employees who need to discover each other do so? What beliefs carry the day when it's time to pay the bills associated with knowledge management?

Ulla de Stricker explains why Information Audits are such powerful tools in helping libraries to remain relevant by determining users' real needs. Ulla will outline a typical sequence of audit steps, and attendees will receive suggestions for selling the idea of the audit to management. They will receive training on how to conduct an information audit and how to use its findings for the benefit of everyone in the organization.

Ulla de Stricker ?President, de Stricker Associates

An information industry veteran active in the information profession since her 1977 MLS (McGill University, Montreal), Ulla is well known for her advocacy of the contributions librarians can make to the overall performance of any organization. In consulting practice since 1992, she recommends strategies for meeting a wide range of knowledge management challenges ( describes the nature of typical client projects). During her information industry days, she managed DIALOG's Canadian operations, created and managed a product distribution center, and built the electronic publishing venture for a Canadian unit of Thomson. Ulla is a popular speaker and contributes regularly to library-related publications.