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Dealing with Conflict in a Peaceful Library

Date : Feb 09, 2005
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 00:57:24

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Conflict happens! Many of us try to avoid it, some fight with it, some seem to enjoy it, and still others seem to handle it with tact and skill. What's the secret to handling situations of conflict with integrity and professionalism? How can we de-emotionalize ourselves to the situations so that we don't get caught up in them?

"Dealing with Conflict in a Peaceful Library" explores our dealings with others by defining the conflict situation and using one of five approaches to successfully handle or resolve it. If you don't like to be yelled at by other people, you'll really enjoy this fun workshop.

Participants will learn and begin to master:
  • The ability to focus on the problem and not the conflict
  • The one question to ask to STOP most situations of conflict
  • Their "reaction awareness" to the other person and how to step out of the conflict emotion
  • Their personal boundaries for what they will allow others to say and do in a disagreement or conflict event
  • The conflict inside of themselves in dealing with conflict with others

Andrew Sanderbeck ?President & Founder, PeopleConnect Institute

Andrew Sanderbeck CPC, is the Founder of Andrew Sanderbeck, Inc., a Florida based company that brings creative and heart centered solutions to the management and team needs of library professionals worldwide.

Andrew is an accomplished trainer and facilitator and has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Continental Airlines and Teletech, Inc. as a trainer in Sales and Customer Service before turning his focus to libraries in 1999.

Andrew Chair's The Small and Rural Libraries Interest Group of the Florida Library Association and publishes Library-Connect, a free e-newsletter read by library professionals in all 50 States and 9 Countries.