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How Librarians Can Develop Community Leadership Through the Web and Other Information Technologies

Date : Dec 08, 2004
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 00:43:40

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Public libraries play an essential role in encouraging citizens to participate in their communities and to make full use of technology for information and lifelong learning. The ethos behind the work of The People's Network in Scotland is to empower and assist in the regeneration of communities by providing them with the skills and facilities to build their own community Web sites.

The People's Network in Scotland connected all public libraries to the Internet by providing 3,500 PCs, broadband connectivity, and a range of high specification hardware, software, and furniture. More than 4,400 library staff have completed certification to support the public in the use of information technology.

This presentation will raise awareness of the impact libraries make in communities, particularly by extending the use of information technology in libraries to support regeneration, active citizenship, access to information, the development of technology skills, the modernization agenda, and lifelong learning.

Participants will learn:
  • How Scotland's People's Network has interacted with communities and community groups to develop IT skills and Web content
  • How community and IT interaction can increase government perception of the important role of libraries and librarians in regeneration and learning
  • About the contribution individuals have made to communities when appropriately nurtured and supported
  • How community portal Web site projects have demonstrated that public libraries can make a significant difference in widening access to and increasing awareness of information technology in lifelong learning
  • About the important role of communication skills in building confidence, about encouraging newcomers to information technology, and about the supportive role of library staff in delivering successful learning

Liz McGettigan ?Libraries and Information Services Manager, East Renfrewshire Council, Scotland

Liz McGettigan serves as Libraries and Information Services Manager for East Renfrewshire Council in Scotland. She is an active member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland and works closely with the Scottish Library and Information Council. Additionally, she is a member of the Scottish E-content group Information Council.

Ms. McGettigan has published numerous articles on the subject of the library's role in achieving public impact and on positively affecting the lives of library users. Through every aspect of her work, she is committed to raising the profile of libraries and celebrating library achievements so that they are valued as key to national, community, and corporate agendas.