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Reverse Strategic Planning

Date : Mar 24, 2004
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 00:55:55

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Join Pat Wagner for her third "standing room only" event with the Dynix Institute. Pat, who has consulted hundreds of libraries on marketing and strategic issues, will teach participants how to improve the performance of their libraries through an effective process of Reverse Strategic Planning.

Reverse Strategic Planning is a simple, structured method for finding out who is doing what at your library or institution, and how they prioritize their work. It provides a snapshot of reality versus what the strategic plan, organizational chart, or job description says should be happening.

The Reverse Strategic Planning process, which is limited to 25 people at a time, is a practical tool for team leaders, department heads, project coordinators and directors of small libraries. Learn the steps and how to use it to manage projects, evaluate strategic plans, communicate among independent contractors, build better team communication and adjust assignments. It works best in a relatively healthy organization and requires only a few sheets of poster paper, a place to write, and time for everyone to be heard.

Though a simple process, Reverse Strategic Planning provides libraries with huge benefits by improving coordination and deployment of people and resources.

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Pat Wagner ?President, Pattern Research

President of Pattern Research (, Pat Wagner is a nationally known library trainer and consultant who specializes in personnel, management, leadership and marketing issues.