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Marketing As If Your Library Depended On It

Date : Sep 24, 2003
Start Time : 12 p.m. Eastern
Length : 00:54:42

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Do you want more financial support for your library from taxpayers and decision-makers? Better support from your institution? Higher circulation figures? Increased use of library resources? Better attendance at events, and higher gate counts? More influence with people who don't use the library? More productive relationships with your own parent institution or other organizations?

Marketing is more than press releases, posters and speeches. It is an ongoing conversation with people in your community, your institution and your organization. It is a conversation about their goals and the goals of the institution they serve.

Until recently, marketing was not often discussed in relation to libraries. It has become increasingly important for all types of libraries, as the basic role of libraries is in flux. Learn how you can use marketing tools and concepts to help your library thrive in challenging times.

Pat Wagner ?President, Pattern Research

President of Pattern Research (, Pat Wagner is a nationally known library trainer and consultant who specializes in personnel, management, leadership and marketing issues.